Is you comment really needed? Is it related to the article?

Come up with constructive criticism that relates to the content of the article— and give advice on how to improve instead.

Phoomparin Mano great article, looking forward to read your next one. Some things you might want to improve on:

  • Try organizing your writing into a clear thought process to make it easier for the reader to follow.
  • Its good to cite the sources you state in the article. In Medium its easy and convenient to do this through adding links to the source wherever you state facts or figures. This will add credibility to your arguments.

I agree with you that PWA are not yet a fully developed concept and that native apps still have a good case for existing in the present. However, I do think there is a future for PWA but the technology surrounding them needs to go a bit further for it to really gain a larger market share. I wrote an article about the subject too, but from more of a business- and customer retention perspective. Check it out if you want:

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