I think what Ted Lemon is touching on is that the title of your article would be considered “click-bait” by many, and I think you are aware of this too.

KRACK: The Most Dangerous Hack Since Equifax & What To Do About It.

In this title you are taking something that is widely known by most people at this point (Equifax hack), even people who do not subscribe to news about cyber security, and stating that the subject of your article (KRACK vuln) is as bad, if not worse, than that. This is wildly exaggerated and anybody with some knowledge about cyber security understand that.

Furthermore, in your article it seems to me like you are linking to a VPN service through an affiliate program (NordVPN in this case) without disclosing this to your readers and in an article only available for paying members. Is this the case?

I would say this article is a classic case of click-bait, something that Medium was founded in order to prevent…

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