Happy to see all the responses on this article! Also, thanks for pointing out the mistakes, I have now updated it based on everyone's feedback. Have also pushed the changes to the Github repo so the code examples there should be fully working now.

  1. I had forgotten to add the index name in the code I posted here. This had to be added as an argument to the .init() and .save() calls on the BlogPostIntex object as stated by Erfan Tahriri. As MonkeyMarzipan noted in the comments, this could also be done in the Meta class on the BlogPostIndex, which is the solution I went with and added to the tutorial.
  2. I also realized that the post_save signal wasn’t firing because it was not registered with Django. Just like Joel Koh stated in his patched example of the code, you can simply write the signals inside the model, but you can also follow this example and register the signals with Django, which I now have implemented in my Github repo and in the tutorial.

Thanks again for your responses! If there are any other issues, please let me know in the comment section. Also, if you have any other subjects you think I should cover in a tutorial, don’t hesitate to reach out to me and let me know or leave a comment below!


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