Machine Learning and AI becoming an increasingly important part of digital products

With the GoogleIO conference coming to a close a couple of weeks ago there were many new products and improvements introduced at this years conference, including the exciting release of the new Material You design system. But there was one thing in particular that became apparent throughout the whole three-day event: the increased use and relevance of machine learning in customer facing products and services at Google.

ML and AI everywhere

It seems like Google is determined to interlace machine learning into every aspect of the company. Everybody knows that Google has already been an industry leader in the area for a while now…

Google Material You personalizes your UI with AI

Yesterday was the first day of this years GoogleIO keynotes. Many very interesting new things were presented, including of course the brand new Material You design system. It is developed by Matias Duarte, the same creator of Material Design and it has apparently been in the making for a while being the largest overhaul of the product in years. We got to get a glimpse of what it will look like in the keynote.

Photo by 冬城 on Unsplash

When creating React Native components it is a good idea to think about reusability. It is common to make components that have some base style, but that can also be styled upon use. As we will see, we can leverage some useful JavaScript features to achieve this in a clean way.

In React Native we use the style prop to declare our styles, essentially emulating the way it’s done on the web but with some differences, mainly that it is written in camel case. …

You’ve probably heard of the observer pattern; perhaps you’ve used it if you’ve ever developed with a Javascript frontend framework before. In its most basic form it can look like this:

Essentially, you get an object that other objects can subscribe to. When you get some new data, you use the publish(data) method to let each subscribing object know that something new has happened. …

Credit: Adi Chakravarty

I’ve been using Nuxt.js for a project that I’ve been working on for some time now. Having worked with Vue.js previously it wasn’t too difficult to get into the groove of things, but there are some significant differences between Vue.js and Nuxt.js that are important to understand. In this article I will go over the three main differences that I experienced coming from Vue, uncovering the features to focus on when entering into the world of Nuxt and Server Side Rendering.

For those who are completely unfamiliar with Nuxt, it is based on Vue.js but adds the ability to render…

Ever needed to quickly set up a database to connect to in development? Typically you need to download and install the database of your choice (such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, etc.) on your local environment but there is an easier way to go about this. In this article, I will show you how you can very conveniently spin up any database locally using a single Docker command!

The first step is to make sure you have Docker installed for your platform and that it is up and running. You can check this by running:

It should print a bunch…

When developing an MVP (Minimum Viable Product), you intend to go from idea to prototype as fast as possible. The faster you can prototype your idea, the faster you are able to iterate upon it.

As you’re moving from abstract idea to working prototype, you usually don’t want to spend a lot of time creating a custom design when you should be focusing on the functionality of the application. To solve this issue, we use frameworks like Bootstrap to quickly achieve a structured layout with a UI that looks “pretty good” without too much effort.

What we really want to…

In today’s Internet, websites tend to be interactive, dynamic, and serve some sort of function. They can be more than a static HTML and CSS page. Here’s where the Model View Controller (MVC) architectural pattern comes in.

User interaction enables use cases which would be impossible with only a statically loaded page. This is why, in modern web development, it is important to understand how dynamic pages are created. Perhaps the key to this is familiarity with the MVC architectural pattern.

If you are a beginner at web development, words such as “architectural pattern” may sound dauntingly complex and abstract…

Super Mario Land for gameboy

There are plenty of articles written about neural networks and machine learning out there, as the subject has gained popularity greatly the past few years. This area can seem extremely unapproachable and difficult to understand and many might believe that one must be a mathematician or statistician to be able to grasp the concepts of machine learning. However, the basic concepts of machine learning and neural networks are not necessarily as complex as one might think.

The purpose of this article is to explain the high level concept of how machine learning could work through a simple example that anybody…

Sketch App together with InVision really is an unbeatable combo when you want to create renderings for web pages or apps. Together, they make for an extremely fast and smooth work experience while yielding a product that is organized, scalable and (most importantly) presentable to your stakeholders. I will explain why this combo is so good, but in order to do this I must also explain why there is a need for the possibilities that they present.

If you have ever used Sketch App you know that designing with it is great. It is very easy and quick to learn…

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